This selection of frequently asked questions is included to help you to get the answers you need before you make a booking. However, if you’re still unsure we’re happy to be contacted directly.

What Fees Are Charged?

We charge £150 as a booking fee. The booking fee that you pay comes off the price of your booking, and there are no hidden fees.

Do I Need to Fill the Tank?

We supply the van with a full tank of diesel, and expect it to be returned with the same level of fuel.

Can I Bring a Dog?

Some of our vehicles are able to home dogs, but there are also some that do not. Contact us directly to find out more about bringing your dog with you.

How Many Drivers Are Added to the van?

One driver is added to the van, assuming they meet the criteria. They must be over the age of 23 and have held a licence for more than 2 years. Additional drivers may also be added for just £25, and they must also match the criteria.

What ID is Required?

We ask for various forms of ID to ensure that the insurance on our vehicles in validated. We ask that you send these at least a week before you collect the vehicle, but these don’t need to be provided at booking. The ID we require is:

  • A Copy of Each Driver’s Licence
  • A DVLA Licence Check Code –Available Here
  • Two of the Following (Must Match the Address on the Driving Licence):
    • Utility Bill from the Last 2 Months (Not a Mobile Phone Bill)
    • A Bank or Credit Statement from the Last 2 Months
    • Payslip from the Last 2 Months

Please also bring these with you on the day you collect your van, so that we’re able to see the paper copies.

Contact us today to speak to our team about our VW camper vans.